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Popular Courses


Wilderness First Aid
  • 2 days or 16 hours

  • A brief and practical introductory course.

  • Emphasis on hands-on activities.

  • Target audience: seasonal outdoor staff and those involved in recreational wilderness trips.


Wilderness Advanced First Aid
  • 4 days or 36-40 hours

  • An entry-level course designed for professionals working in significantly remote settings for days or weeks. 

  • Target audience: remote professionals or wilderness leaders who venture into remote and challenging environments for days or weeks.


Wilderness First Responder
  • 8 days or 70-80 hours

  • Our most comprehensive course.

  • Essential training in wilderness medicine, leadership, and critical thinking.

  • Target audience:  outdoor educators, wilderness guides, members of the military, professional search and rescue teams, wildland firefighters, researchers and those involved in disaster relief. 

Our Courses & Programs

Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid is the ideal course for outdoor enthusiasts on overnight or short term wilderness adventures. Students will be able to recognize medical emergencies, and will become familiar with basic life saving skills, patient assessment, and basic field care for common injuries.

wfr recert.jpg
WFR Recert
WFR Recertification

The WFR Recertification course is designed to recertify and refresh current Wilderness First Responders with a valid certification.

This course option requires students to review their textbooks and field guides as preparation followed by three days of in-person instruction.  Students are expected to perform at the WFR level on day 1. Students will review essential skills, wilderness protocols, and updates in wilderness medicine. The specific content covered in the class will vary based on the participants.  

Wilderness Advanced First Aid

The Wilderness Advanced First Aid is the perfect entry-level course for outdoor adventurers and outdoor professionals who may need to provide patient care when help is delayed for hours to days. The course focuses on basic lifesaving skills, patient assessment, field care for common injuries and illnesses, environmental illnesses, and proper reporting for rescue assistance.

Wilderness EMS

This course helps providers determine the areas of their scope of practice that are effective in pre-hospital wilderness and remote settings. Interdisciplinary providers are intentionally mixed during performance tasks to promote future collaboration in the field.

Wilderness First Responder

The Wilderness First Responder is a comprehensive medical training for outdoor educators, guides, professional search and rescue teams, and others who work and adventure in remote settings. Learn the essential skills, knowledge, and critical thinking required to assess and manage medical problems in low-resource environments for days and weeks if necessary.

Wilderness Advanced Life Support

The WALS course is designed for Advanced Care Medical Practitioners to discuss and develop the skills necessary for critical patient care in remote and resource-challenged settings. Learn new ways to utilize technology for life-saving efforts in unique situations.

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